Our mission 


To Create an International Debate community 

Debate to Educate is a non profit organization whose mission is to make debate virtually accessible and empowering on a world-wide scale. By creating a global community united in the spirit of competition and exploration, we aim to build a more empathetic and knowledgeable generation of learners and leaders everywhere. Our tournaments are available to middle school/ junior high school students across the globe.


We believe that the value of debate transcends the competition circuit and provides students with unprecedented educational empowerment. In order to deliver the greatest positive impact for the most students, debate must first be holistic and relevant. Because of this, we prioritize the promotion of World School Styles debate.  By using a variety of motions based on philosophy, sociology, and current events, WSS connects directly with students’ lives and fosters a well-rounded educational experience. This format pushes students to do their own independent research, allowing them to discover the world around them in a way that is natural and intuitive. Because WSS assesses competitors on content, style, and strategy, this format teaches debaters how to communicate effectively in ways that will serve them in all of life’s endeavors.