Our Top Teams Board serves to honor and celebrate the top 5 teams from our most recent tournament. Leaders will change after every event, so make sure to join us for your chance to shine (or maintain your spot!)

Open League Novice League   

Champions: Writopia 2 (USA)

-Writopia Lab-

Jeeya Ballaney, Mia Wilson, Diana Davidson, Paige McClusky


Writopia 2 is a lively debate team comprised of four members: Diana Davidson, Jeeya Ballaney, Paige McClusky and Mia Wilson. The members have known each other since last year, but Writopia 2 was officially established this January.  All of the members love debate and have greatly enjoyed the international experience at this tournament. Writopia 2 is proud of their success and cannot wait to continue debating!

Champions: ZH Intrepid  (Singapore)

-Zhonghua Secondary School-

Claire Lee, Caleb Yip, Prim Yeo, Yongxin Yu, Elizabeth Simonsen


The competing debate team consists primarily of Secondary 1 students, who only recently entered the school in January. It was definitely gratifying for a team of strangers to come together to compete together. Debating requires not only insightful and critical thinking, it also demands clear and effective communication. The tournament opened our eyes to how people of other nationalities debate, and it is clear that despite the differences we presented, these became invisible on the debating field. Debate allowed us a platform to bridge our differences and come together.


Finalists: Lead International School (Rwanda)

Irakoze Precious, Michelle Keza, Mugisha Ian


We have a team of more than 4 members, all in G.9, but choose 3 for this tournament. The others came in as part of the audience. The debates were challenging because they required thinking and working together. This improved our cooperation as a class. We enjoyed winning, of course, but we also enjoyed meeting new brains that challenged us and brought us more concentration. They are our agemates but with smart brains that aroused ours too.

Finalists: Roga Red- (Singapore)


HanGyeol Kim, Gao Yifan Evan, Christina Yating Zhang, Chloe Feng


Our team worked together in the last few weeks to train for the tournament. We like debate because it allows us to discuss important issues.


Writopia 3  (USA)

-Writopia Lab-

Mason Avery, Lia Goldman, Owen Berland, Anya Sachdev


I loved being part of Writopia 3! Our team was made up of debaters with varying degrees of experience. Regardless, everyone displayed enthusiasm and dedication as we prepared for the tournament, and in the end, I think we all did amazing! Although we were only assigned to be a team around four weeks before the tournament, everyone got along really well from the very beginning, and I think our positive team attitude really contributed to our performance in the competition. Although it wasn’t always easy, I loved the challenge that being a part of this tournament provided, and I feel like a better debater after getting the chance to participate. -Mason Avery


Debate Conquerors (Rwanda)

-Green Hills Academy-

Fatima Asim, Sanskriti Srivastava, Saron Amberbir, Madhumitha Vanapalli, Rizaal Kanjiyani




The team has been together since 2022. They started when they were in Grade 6. They had many challenges, but they still persisted and looking forward to the win. We appreciate our debate coach Ms. Beatrice for not putting her tools down even when we could not make it she encouraged us to press on.


SSJ Debates (USA)

-Independent Team-

 Shawn Feng, Sophia Kong, Jasmine Zhang



SSJ Debates is an independent team that was organized three weeks before the Debate to Educate premier tournament. With debaters from across the United States, each team member presented a diverse range of viewpoints. Our team’s favorite motion was “This house believes free market capitalism is superior to socialism,” which we debated on the opposition side. We would like to give thanks to John Stewart, a stellar debate coach whose amazing coaching propelled us to place. We would also like to thank Gauss Academy, an amazing organization that has searched relentlessly for wonderful tournaments such as this one.


The Trident- (India)

-Delhi Public School , Chandigarh-

Parikshit Kapoor, Rajit Rastogi, Saanidhya Sharma

First of all we as a team share a deep bond and connection . We have been debating together since long and now we work like a team and put our 100% to win. We have been together for a year or so. Preparation for this tournament took a lot of research and thinking . What I loved about the tournament was that it was well organized and the schedule was completely being followed (punctually). Tough competition made this tournament difficult and that was what we actually enjoyed a lot .

ISF Academy- (Hong Kong)

Valerie Shek and Chole Ye(all rounds),            Emma Hau (rounds 1 and 2)


  Team ISF Academy remained strong despite setbacks to make it to the top 5!


Writopia Novice (USA)

-Writopia Lab-

Anthony Mafaro, Andrew Wang, Raha Khan


It was a great experience for me and a first time debater and would love to do it again. I had so much fun with Anthony and Andrew. Coach Rachel was amazing and it was a wonderful experience. – Raha Khan